Nabataean collection



Support typeArtefact » Slab
Measuresh. 62, w. 87, th. 15
Notes on support and decorationsThis inscription is incised on a slab of stone with a rough surface that had been erected at the rim of the main water source of ʿAin aš-Šallāla.
Although it has been valued as an important inscription for dating the dedication of the temple of Iram, it lacks a part from the wording and the style of characters, monumental features.
It has five lines; the beginning and the end of the first two lines are heavily damaged. The third and the fourth lines are almost complete.


LanguageAramaic » Middle Aramaic » Nabataean
Script typologyMonumental writing
Writing techniqueIncision
Date17 Rbʾl
Textual typologyDedicatory text

TEXT - SSAI(b) 1

   1  [... ...] dy b-ʾrm ʿ[l ḥyy Rbʾl mlkʾ mlk Nbṭw]
   2  [dy ʾḥyyw-]šyzb ʿm-h w-ʿlḥyy Gmlt w-[Hgyrw] w-[...] Š[... ʾḥwt-h]
   3  mlkwt Nbṭw w-ʿlḥyy Ḥrtt w-Š[...] bnw-hy w-ʿl ḥyy Ḥldw [...]
   4  [...]rw w-ʿl ḥyy Qšmʾl w-Šʿwdt ʾḥwt-h b-yrḥ ʾyr šnt [17]
   5  l-Rbʾl mlkʾ mlk Nbṭw dy ʾḥyy w-šyzb ʿm-h

2w-Hgrw (Hackl et al.).
417 (Hackl et al.).



   1  [... ...] that is in ʾrm for the life on king Rbʾl, the king of the Nabataeans
   2  who brings life and deliverance to his people and for the life of Gmlat and Hgr and [...] Š[...] his sisters
   3  queens of the Nabataeans, and for the life of Ḥrtt and Š[...] his children, and for the life of Ḥuldu [...]
   4  [...]rw, and for the life of Qšmʾl and Shaʿudat, his sisters. In the month ʾyr of the 17th year of
   5  king Rbʾl, the king of the Nabataeans, who brings life and deliverance to his people


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